Deep Root Interactive

by Miziziziz


A short horror game where you control a decaying spacecraft exploring distant star systems.

Steam Itch


Three limbs ripped off, infected with a deadly parasite, you must save your research. Drag yourself through the corridors of a secret research lab on a remote asteroid, fight off horribly mutated monsters, inject countless syringes of vaccines, and survive at all costs.

Steam Itch

Endoparasitic VR

A complete VR port of the original Endoparasitic.

Quest standalone coming soon!


Wrought Flesh

Rip out organs and equip them in your own body. Fight biopunk monsters and drugged-up space bandits. You are a Gajeshian Cultist: A near-mythological being built from the bodies of long-dead saints.

Steam Itch


I have a range of game development and art courses available on Udemy. (Above: How to Make a Retro Style 3D FPS in the Godot Game Engine)


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